2017 Honda CR-V Touring AWD Long-Term Update 6: Touring vs. LX—Spot the Differences


As the end of our time with this 2017 CR-V Touring approaches, we took delivery of a 2018 CR-V LX. Honda wanted us to spend more time with the SUVOTY winner and, in in doing so, expose its base-model CR-V to the complexities of our long-term test.

Soon after our 2018 CR-V LX arrived, I parked both Hondas side by side at our HQ and hopped in and out of each to explore the interior differences between a fully loaded Touring and a base-model LX. When directly compared, some of the differences are readily apparent; others are more subtle and only present themselves when observed with a careful eye. After some thorough study, here are the eight most notable differences that came to light.

2018 Honda CR-V LX photos are shown on the left, below, while 2017 Honda CR-V Touring photos are on the right.

1. The Touring model uses a push-button start, but the LX cranks its ignition with a traditional metal key.

2018 Honda CR V LX 6
2017 Honda CR V Touring AWD 4

2. The LX’s infotainment screen is smaller, and it doesn’t have touchscreen abilities. Instead it uses a series of analog buttons to access and activate screen options.

2018 Honda CR V LX 1
2017 Honda CR V Touring AWD 2

3. The tweeters found in the Touring’s back-seat area (pictured) are absent in the LX.

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4. The Touring’s steering wheel is wrapped in leather; the LX’s is made of textured foam.

2018 Honda CR V LX 7
2017 Honda CR V Touring AWD steering wheel 02

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